A Raven Folly


A Raven Folly it has truly been. The idea for this series began with a small abstract painting seen in a decor magazine. Black on black called to me, and spoke of ravens. But what followed proved so different from the original seed. After reading Ben Gadd’s ‘Raven’s End‘, Bernd Heinrich’s ‘Mind of the Raven‘, and several world mythologies on the raven, I was launched.

First came a 3D exploration with four sculptural works. I stretched my technical knowledge by adding metal to these pieces. Then, at a multidisciplinary residency at the Banff Centre, Entr’Arts 2013, I began painting a series of acrylic works, many influenced by an elk kill and its ‘attendants’, observed on the river that winter. I explored the playful nature of ravens, mostly intent on movement. Twenty or more loose mixed media encaustic paintings followed, using Tibetan paper and clippings from art magazines. And finally, with brush and ink, 40 plus sketches appeared, often causing mirth as I drew. Personifying my creations became second nature.