Jasper Municipal Library Garden Tour

Painted outdoors in my yard during the Garden Tour, finished in the studio

Painted outdoors in my yard during the Garden Tour, finished in the studio

Painted the day preceding the Garden Tour, to get a feel for painting on a black surface

Painted the day preceding the Garden Tour, to get a feel for painting on a black surface

Opening Tomorrow in Hazebrouck, France

So very excited to participate in the 2nd Biennale de Mosaique en Nord at the Musee des Augustins.

On September 21st my husband and I drove from Amsterdam to Hazebrouck to deliver a cubic meter crate containing ‘A Two Steppin’ Pair’ to the museum, after a valuable lesson in air cargo shipping and customs. Hazebrouck is a small French town located in the heart of Flanders, with better known neighbours such as Ypres, Paschendale and Sommes, where many of our forefathers fought during the war. The Musee des Augustins houses a large collection of 16th & 17th century Flemish paintings.  ‘Pan & Syrinx’ by Pierre Paul Rubens from 1577, and a small works by Jeronimo Bosh help attract visitors. It is so humbling to tour such a museum, as well as many others we were fortunate to visit in Brugge, Amsterdam, Dubrovnik and Venice.

Entr'Art - Continued

What a week, and what an amazing group of really creative artists! From the Visual Arts sector emerged projects such as a portrait mural made from 3000 small glass vials filled with coloured ink, abstract paintings made from painted shattered tempered glass, large 3D lacy installations entirely created from elastics, and so forth. I made quite a bit of progress on my own project: Vanishing Beauty – a mosaic mural of an imaginary glacier.

Entr’Art 2015


The programme Entr’Art, organized by Le RAFA, will again be taking place at the Banff Centre from August 25-31, 2015. I really look forward to participating in this multi-disciplinarian program, enjoying the group energy, learning from the mentors, appreciating the studios allocated to each participant, the great food, and of course all the intense work.

The project, which I submitted, is to create a 3D mosaic mural depicting a glacier. I hope to use a lot of glass, and recycled objects. Serge Murphy of Montreal is the designated mentor for the Visual Arts sector. Really excited about working with him.

2eme Biennale de Mosaique

Biennial-du mosaique.jpg

So excited! This sculpture will be part of this year’s mosaic exhibition taking place Oct 31st, 2015 to January 6th, 2016 in Hazebrouck, France. What a unique opportunity to represent Jasper and Alberta in France.

A Raven Folly


This event took place April 4 - 27,  2014. Thank you Paulette Dube for sharing your raven poetry.



On Wednesday, February 11, Travel Alberta, Tourism Café and Patrice Fortin organized a dynamic evening at Fiddle River Restaurant, as part of the SHIFT Program.

Brian Lackey entertained the 35 participants with his Blues sounds, and even gave a harmonica lesson. For my part, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my painting skills, while dinner unfolded. I tried to ‘wow!’ the audience with my impressions of Tekarra Mountain as seen from the Skyline Trail, where I hiked last summer. My efforts met with success as the organizers asked to auction the piece. What impressed me the most about the evening was the positive energy of each participant and the restaurant staff.

Thank you everyone for a memorable night!

Arts on Ice


In January 2015 the Sawridge Inn, Jasper, and Melissa Woodcock hosted the Jasper in January event ‘Arts on Ice’. With the help of Jessy Dion, and staff from the facility, I curated the artwork of artists from Jasper and other communities, who were invited to submit their pieces to be showcased during two lively evenings of art and music. The first night welcomed media folks from various stations and publications in Western Canada, while the second was opened to the public.

Mouth watering appetizers delighted the guests, martinis and wines were available for purchased, and the management and friendly highly trained staff ensured very successful events.

Plein Air Painting


For the past five summers I have enjoyed the challenge of painting outdoors. And I mean CHALLENGE! The eye, with its peripheral vision, encompasses all. The painter must choose a composition within that wide vista, and deal with constantly changing light, the passage of clouds, wind obliterating a reflection and numerous other conditions. But the biggest challenge of all is to render the impression a landscape imprints on your being.

This past summer of 2014, was an especially prolific outdoor painting one for myself and artist friend Louise Jarry. The Jasper weather proved most clement and suitable for this pursuit. We often loaded a backpack with easel, folding stool, and painting materials to head on a trail in search of the perfect scenery. Or if less time was available, we just drove to a favourite location.

In June Jerry Markham offered a plein-air painting course in Jasper, which I indulged in. Watching another artist’s approach is so worthwhile.

A Raven Folly


A Raven Folly it has truly been. The idea for this series began with a small abstract painting seen in a decor magazine. Black on black called to me, and spoke of ravens. But what followed proved so different from the original seed. After reading Ben Gadd’s ‘Raven’s End‘, Bernd Heinrich’s ‘Mind of the Raven‘, and several world mythologies on the raven, I was launched.

First came a 3D exploration with four sculptural works. I stretched my technical knowledge by adding metal to these pieces. Then, at a multidisciplinary residency at the Banff Centre, Entr’Arts 2013, I began painting a series of acrylic works, many influenced by an elk kill and its ‘attendants’, observed on the river that winter. I explored the playful nature of ravens, mostly intent on movement. Twenty or more loose mixed media encaustic paintings followed, using Tibetan paper and clippings from art magazines. And finally, with brush and ink, 40 plus sketches appeared, often causing mirth as I drew. Personifying my creations became second nature.

La Folie du Corbeau


My best showing yet! Thank you to Josephine Van Lier for a fabulous concert in a quaint setting.

Spring Collection


An overwhelming crowd gathered to support Jenny Clark and myself and show their appreciation for the art we created. 

Studio Tour


Decided to open my home and studio to visitors. Many locals dropped by on Friday evening, and one brave out-of-town couple. The trend continued the following day.  



Another fabulous event with artist friend Sylvie Pinard. So many of you were at the opening to show your support. Thank you.

The Body Speaks


Three women share their exploration of the body, as conduit for greater expression.

Poster Images

Images of my own work were used by other organizations to promote events.