Opening Tomorrow in Hazebrouck, France

So very excited to participate in the 2nd Biennale de Mosaique en Nord at the Musee des Augustins.

On September 21st my husband and I drove from Amsterdam to Hazebrouck to deliver a cubic meter crate containing ‘A Two Steppin’ Pair’ to the museum, after a valuable lesson in air cargo shipping and customs. Hazebrouck is a small French town located in the heart of Flanders, with better known neighbours such as Ypres, Paschendale and Sommes, where many of our forefathers fought during the war. The Musee des Augustins houses a large collection of 16th & 17th century Flemish paintings.  ‘Pan & Syrinx’ by Pierre Paul Rubens from 1577, and a small works by Jeronimo Bosh help attract visitors. It is so humbling to tour such a museum, as well as many others we were fortunate to visit in Brugge, Amsterdam, Dubrovnik and Venice.